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We are ready to help you protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions all winter long
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The cold season brings salt. If left unattended, salt will lead to paint damage and rust on the underside of your car over time. Upgrade your wash with Winter Salt Prep!

$2 for individual products:
🔸 Rust Inhibitor
🔸DeSalt Foam
🔸 Wax Upgrade

$3 for the package:
🔸 Salt Protectant (Rust Inhibitor + DeSalt Foam)

Rust Inhibitor: Rust-oleum underbody spray that helps protect the underbody of the car by sealing out harmful road grime
DeSalt Foam: Extra conditioner applied to the sides of the vehicle to remove extra salt.

✨Salt Prep is available to both FastPass members and cash customers as an upgrade to the wash.